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6 Advantages of Having a Website PDF Print E-mail
May 16, 2005 at 10:09 PM

Have you noticed how most business cards and promotional materials today have an additional line in their contact information? Yes, those eye-catching website addresses have piqued your curiosity, right? In fact for most peoplewith Internet access, the sight of a website address is enough to make them tap www.yourcompany.com into their keyboards to find out what the website is all about.................

More and more businesses are seeing the advantages of being online. Having a website gives your company a new venue for reaching thousans of people, a place where they can learn about your company, your products and services, and get in touch with you, anytime, from anywhere around the globe.

So what rewards does having a website offer? In a nutshell, resources well spent! That's because a website is...

MULTI-PURPOSE. A Website is your brochure, your business card, your portfolio and your customer hotline rolled into one. It provides your clients all the information you wish to disseminate to them. It's a means of advertising to prospective clients, and a means of keeping in touch with your existing ones.

A TIME AND MONEY SAVER. A growing number of people use the web to gather information on products or services they need before actually hitting the stores to buy because it is far easier and faster to get information on the Internet. They access the web from their office computers, their homes and even Internet stations in malls to get updates, to compare services, products and prices. As a business owner, you can give your audience the opportunity to constantly learn more about your latest products just by updating your website, at an interval suitable to your needs. Equate this to having new brochures printed or new ads run!

ACCESSIBLE. A website means you have a place your customers can reach for after-sales support. Your site may provide answers to frequently asked questions, as well as detailed information about your products and services. Alternatively, your site may give a list of e-mail addresses to write to for specific queries, which you can easily and quickly attend to from your own computer terminal.

THE GREAT EQUALIZER. Having a website puts you on equal footing with your competition. While print, TV, and radio ads require a great deal of money to produce, your website can be just as effective as a marketing tool, without the need for a big-time budget.

To give an example, a 15-second TV ad costs around P900,000 to P1.2 million to produce, and P80-P90K to air ONCE on a primetime slot. The running of a full-page print ad in a leading daily which costs anywhere from P200,000 to P300,000 and will be circulated for one day only, not including its production cost. On the other hand, a P20,000 website can be seen every day, every hour, over and over, by people logged on to the Internet.

With the help of a skilled web developer, the impact and effectiveness of your website can equal if not surpass those of big companies. It's all in the way your data is presented, and the way the site is designed for ease of use by your public.

THE NEW ECONOMY. Websites and e-commerce have altered the way of doing business, the "new economy" if you will. While "brick and mortar" showrooms have their share of the market, the trend for doing business online is growing. You should also consider that your competitors may already have or will soon get their own web sites and may lure away customers from you. The sooner you get online, the better it will be for your busines.

GLOBAL. Web presence allows you to advertise to millions of prospective clients aroung the world! People logged on from other parts of the globe can access your business, even while you sleep! Many businesses experience a deluge of inquiries and orders after putting up websites, and you can, too. Being online means you are seen by a larger audience and your chances for sales multiply dramatically.

Increasingly, whether local or global, if your business isn't on the Web, you will lose out on many prospective customers. Hopefully, knowing these advantages will encourage you to take the first step towards getting your company online.

Last Updated ( Jun 23, 2005 at 05:57 AM )

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